About TAG Scores

"Universal, unconventional, insightful, and inventive, we are drivers of change."

TAG Scores brings its expertise and experience to offer precise assessments with:

  • Globally benchmarked scores
  • Innovative skill assessments
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Certifications

We enable governmental and business organizations to hire the right talent. Being the pioneers of change, we bring in new additions to the field and fall right in place with modernisation. Our services are not only restricted to businesses and government bodies; we serve talented individuals across the world.

Our solutions are:

  • Scalable
  • Configurable
  • Customisable
Values Delivered

A secured platform for:

  • Enhanced employability potential of youth in the global marketplace
  • Facilitation of international talent mobility
  • Enabling companies all over the world to hire the right local or foreign talent by bringing a parity level
  • Elevation of the recruitment process
  • Simplification and smoothening of processes for government bodies by assisting them in standardizing their skill assessment and certification initiatives
  • Empowering youth by offering globally benchmarked scores
Our Team

Our team consists of industry veterans with 30+ years of experience in skill development and education domain, management graduates from prestigious universities such as Oxford, London Business School, Macquarie University, engineers with experience at reputed firms such as Microsoft, Accenture and Syntel and content developers with rich educational and content creation experience at institutes such as NIIT and University of Pune and publication houses such as Excel Books and BPB.

  • International Portability

    An assessment platform that serves on a global and local scale
  • Innovative Solutions

    Equipped with top-notch technologies that are highly scalable, yet secured
  • In-depth Assessments

    Successfully completed 5 Lakh+ assessments across a broad spectrum and 1.2 Lakh+ in the pipeline
  • Broad Skills

    Broad enough to accommodate multi-lingual and multi-types assessments for more than 50 trade and competencies
  • Strategic Partnerships

    Proudly associated with many notable entities for talent assessments and competency mapping
  • Management Calibre

    A dedicated team of qualified designers, technology experts, analysts and psychologists

We aim to:

  • Offer globally benchmarked scores which empower youth by enhancing their employability potential in the global marketplace.
  • Enable companies to hire the right local or foreign talent by bringing a parity level.
  • Assist government bodies in standardizing their skill assessment and certification initiatives.

With learned individuals from different fields of life and careers with an experience worth sharing, we envision on being the best benchmarking and assessment providers in the coming years.