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TAG Scores believes in assisting employers worldwide by providing dependable test scores. The functioning of TAG Scores is in consonance with the skill targets of the governments and businesses.

Through TAG Scores assessments, organizations looking for workforce can measure the performance of the existing workforce against global benchmarks, and take actions to improve the existing workforce. They can also apply these standards to the potential employees, thereby improving their employability. Thus, we drive a change in the skill management domain by ensuring accurate skill evaluation of the workforce in the country.

TAG Scores finds the right talent that the employers are looking for. We understand the needs of the employers and work with them together to:

  • Adhere to agreements with the government regarding skilling targets
  • Correct evaluation of prior skills and learning of all labour force
  • Fulfill the vision of enabling employers to hire the right talent
  • Decrease attrition rates
  • Reduce recruitment costs and help in decision-making for appraisals, promotions, bonuses, etc.
  • Employ Innovative Technology
  • Evaluate job performance and workforce against industry benchmarks
  • Develop more targeted Learning and Development programs for employees
  • Ensure improved employability of expatriate workforce in foreign markets

Pre-Hiring Solutions

  • Our cutting-edge platform aids in cutting down recruitment costs significantly, whether it is large scale campus drives for hiring freshers or screening large volumes of candidates in case of experienced professionals.
  • Our remote proctoring solutions do away with the need for manual invigilation.
  • Our carefully designed tests developed by highly qualified SMEs provide the best evaluation for the candidate's job skills.

Post-Hiring Solutions

  • For identifying learning and development needs of your existing employees to plan training
  • For succession planning, promotion planning, increments, bonuses, etc.
  • For evaluating new employee readiness after the initial induction
  • For hiring interns or for evaluating whether interns are fit for full-time offers to post their internship.

We offer our services in a variety of packages:

a) Platform: Avail just the technology platform and add your own tests on top of it.
b) Standard Tests: Purchase a standard test off the shelf from our test library across a wide range of areas: job skills, psychometric, general aptitude, verbal ability, logical reasoning, personality fitment, etc. These globally benchmarked question banks are developed by SMEs and validated by experts.
c) Customized Tests: We can also provide consulting services and work with your team to create highly customized tests with high-quality content especially for you.
d) Standard and Customized Reports: We offer several standard analytical reports, and we can also create customized reports for you. You can choose from a range of reports: analytical reports, dashboards, statistics, industry benchmarked reports, reports of how your employees' performance changes over time, detailed region-wise analysis of scores obtained by different business units, etc.

Employer Perspective

1. Hiring the right talent
2. Reduced Attrition
3. Industry benchmarked evaluation of job performance
4. Reduced recruitment costs due to remote proctoring solutions
5. More targeted Learning and Development programs for employees
6. Better evaluation of job performance that can help companies in appraisal process, promotions, bonuses, etc.

Employee Perspective

1. International mobility of talent
2. Certifying the employable skills of the individual (even many graduates lack employable skills and it is tough for companies to gauge their job skills)
3. Learning plan and highlighting areas of improvement, resulting in improved job skills
4. Benchmarking their talent against the best in the industry and others

Government Perspective

1. Achieving their skilling targets
2. Recognition of prior learning for population with work experience and no formal education
3. Correct evaluation of the skills of migrant labor and labor force in country
4. Ensuring improved employability of their expatriate workforce in foreign markets
5. Doing away with the costs and hassles of pen-paper assessments
6. Benchmarking their workforce against international standards and best practices which can lead to improvements in strategies and structures to make a more employable workforce from the first day of formal or informal education

Sample Reports

Pre Hiring Assessment

Post Hiring Assessment

Competency Performance Development Assessment