Remote Proctoring

Remote proctoring
TAGScores Built With Online Remote Proctoring Software
TAG Scores Makes Your Exams And Assessment


Preserved the integrity of remote exams and assessments by making them cheating-free, using TAGScores AI-based proctoring technology


Safeguarded the confidential data of candidates, assessments and proctors, using our advanced security features


We conducted 1,50,000 proctored assessments in a day. Only TAG Scores robust platform can support such scale

TAG Scores Offers of Online Proctoring

Level 1


  • Low Cost
  • Good Prevention

Level 2


  • Cost Effective
  • Smart Prevention

Level 3


  • Fast Result
  • High Quality

Level 4

TAGScores | QA

  • Most Popular
  • Best Value

Level 5

TAGScores | AI (DIY)

  • Highly Scalable
  • Fully Controlled Model

Level 6

TAGScores | AI (Outsource)

  • Low Cost
  • Good Prevention
AI And Human-based That Control 100% Cheating.
remote proctor software

Image Proctoring

TAGScores Online Platform Randomly Clicks Images of Candidates During the Exam Or After a Set Time by the Examiner
remote proctoring software

Facial Recognition

Validate the Candidate’s Identity by matching the Candidates’ Live Photo with the Uploaded Identity Proof.
proctoring software

Video Proctoring

Enabling and Empowering invigilation with live streaming of the Online Exam using the web camera attached to the candidate’s devise.
Our Secure Browser
secure browser proctoring

Does not Let Your Browser / Open Other Website

No Screen Sharing

No Screen Sharing​

Disable cheating

Disable Cut, Copy, Past & Data Sharing

stop session

Gives You Option to Destroy Session for A Candidate

TAGScores Capability
online proctor software




invigilation proctoring


session destroy alert

Alerts for Session Destroy

cheating proof software

No Fraudulence


Chat Bot

remote proctoring faq
Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) About
Remote Proctoring Technology allows Students to write an exam from a remote location while maintaining the exam’s integrity. A software built with Proctored solution verifies and validate the identity of the student and monitor them through a webcam, The video/Image proctored during an exam helps raise suspicious activity or behavior.
How Will Remote Proctoring Work?
TAGScores is built with most powered with AI and human-based remote proctoring features. To enable proctoring the candidates need a System/Devise with a Webcam/Camera. Proctoring starts when a candidate starts giving an exam using TAGScores.
Is it Cost Effective?
Random Images Proctoring, Secure Browser, Face Recognition are the part of the TAGScores packages however Video, Audio, Object Proctoring can be subscribed as per requirements.
What Are the Advantage of Remote Proctoring?
  • Drastically Reduces Infrastructure, Managerial, Invigilation Cost
  • Maintains the integrity of Exams and lets Candidates appear for the Exams from the comfort of their home.

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